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Luna Construction's dumpster rental allows you to quickly find the right size dumpster for your project,
schedule delivery and pay, all in just a few clicks.

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The Lunas Family started Lunas Construction cleanup in 1988 with just a few small pickups. Now they haul over 35 hundred cubic yards of trash a day. So maybe it is the fact that they will leave your property sparkling clean. Or the fact that, with a Lunas dumpster on your lot, you will never have to worry about hauling your trash. Or it could be that you hold our earth in the same esteem that Lunas does, and value the fact that they recycle over 75% of the trash they collect.

Our Divisions & Services

We Are a Recycling Company in Las Vegas


We are NOW ready to head over to your site in a moments notice. We are one of the BEST rated recycling companies in Las Vegas! We recycle: Metal, Plastic, Wood, Cardboard, Drywall, Carpet Padding, Concrete, Asphalt, Glass Rubber and even Tires!

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Dumpster & Bin Rental In Las Vegas


Rent online, right now! We have many sizes: 40 yard, 30 yard, 20 yard and 16 yard dumpster rentals in Las Vegas. We also have 6’L x 5’W x 6’H front loader bins for rental here, as well. Scan our rates by clicking here, or call and ask to speak to someone now.

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We Provide Rough/Final Construction Clean Up in Las Vegas


Call to schedule now! We work alongside your construction crew to assist in cleaning & clearing the site of debris, rubble, junk, trash, metals and other materials that need to be removed for workers safety. We also provide interior and exterior cleaning during the process, both final and rough phase.

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No matter what your reasons are for choosing Lunas Construction Clean Up, Dumpster Rental or Recycling in Las Vegas, for your property or project site, you have made the right choice and we look forward to working with you.